Vincent LEAL

Omnichannel Project Manager

When I joined Sephora’s Middleware teams, I needed a visual tool to discover and understand how the IS works other than by asking questions to different people or reading specifications.

The first objectives of this tool were to centralize the knowledge base, graphically consolidate the existing one and search for information via visual filters.

Carto-SI was the solution that met our needs with a very responsive team behind it, it accompanied us during the data consolidation and loading on the tool in order to concretely model what our IS looked like.

Amy C.

Finance project manager

“We are among Carto-SI’s first customers and have therefore been able to witness the evolution of the tool, feature by feature. The team’s approach and philosophy considerably facilitates the way of working and representing the information system, which becomes accessible to all types of profiles. Experts or not.

The information is centralized and shared, the interface is simple and fun. Carto-SI allows us to make our IS more reliable and to simply share information between all the actors in the organization. We are gaining in control and serenity.”

Yannick CROQ

Information Systems Project Manager

The choice of a mapping tool within our establishment was justified by the absence of a single, shared repository. Application or infrastructure models existed but were often known only to their editor and we had no truly consolidated view of the information.

The Carto-SI solution won us over with its ergonomics and ease of deployment. The intuitive handling of the tool facilitated its implementation and the support of the team. This tool is perfect for CIOs who want to initiate or resume the mapping of their IS from scratch.

The tool becomes a formidable vector of communication between the different members of an IT department (RSSI, Project manager, infrastructure engineers, support technicians, etc.) and allows much better anticipation of the risks linked to changes in the IS.

Thierry-Alain KERVELLA

IS Director

I opted for the Carto-SI solution during my previous mission, as CIO of a private hospital group in Paris. I was immediately seduced by the ease of handling and the many features of Carto-SI.

It is a simple tool to understand and which offers the most complete and accessible service on the market in terms of information system documentation (applications, interfaces, infrastructure) for operational purposes or even and above all , data management under the GDPR.

Everything is there. I strongly recommend this solution, to my own network, because the tool and the Carto-SI team deserve to be known and recognized.



We needed to equip ourselves with an IS Mapping tool, capable of helping us on the GDPR part, easy to use and allowing us to share information with our teams.

Of the ten tools on the market that we studied, we opted for the Carto-SI solution, which offers simple and accessible reading of the IS, with a pleasant interface and quick handling.

We believe that Carto-SI is the best GDPR tool on the market and this is confirmed on a daily basis in its use. We are very satisfied. The Carto-SI team is available and attentive. She responds to our requests with pragmatism and develops her tool in accordance with our needs.

We are very satisfied with the tool and the follow-up provided by the Carto-SI team, which has always been responsive and professional in our exchanges.