A GPS to find you there

Carto-SI makes it possible to identify the impacts of the application layer on the entire IS.

Smart Filters

Simple and pleasant to use, the intelligent filters of the interface make it possible to define the application scope and to reproduce its interactions with the other components of the IS.

Designed from the daily life of IS actors

with CARTO-SI, save time and directly access the information you are looking for.


Manage personal data

Carto-SI is a simple, secure and innovative response to the problem. Carto-SI is the reference tool of the DPO in its mission of administration and management of personal data. It includes a simple and shared processing map, a PIA impact analysis based on the CNIL tool and an intelligent reporting module.

  • Make the work of your teams easier
  • RGPD with complete peace of mind



Carto-SI has several types of authentication: Web, API.

Access to the Carto-SI session is via a Login / Mdp pair defined by the User himself and responding to checks excluding weak passwords . Our exchanges with the client are fully encrypted.

The platform guarantees tightness by a logical partitioning. Each user evolves in his own environment and Carto-SI ensures the isolation of these environments.

Better than safety: safety


Unity is strength

The collaborative and participatory mode unites users and gives a voice to the knowledgeable in their capacity as experts.
Each employee has access to his perimeter and can edit / validate the information in a few clicks.
Never has the management of your IS been so fun and enjoyable. Go straight to the point, Carto-SI takes care of the rest

Go to the point

Carto-SI takes care of the rest.


In one look

Get, at a glance, key information about your IS as well as

regulatory reports, CNIL certified . Everything to ensure that you are in compliance with the regulations .

Soon available in Carto-SI, the possibility of building your own reports , in line with the reports that interest you.

Carto-SI is the tool that adapts to you … and not the other way around.


No more gas factories

Easily import your data into Carto-SI via file uploads :

1 / Upload CSV or XLS

2 / Via simple REST APIs

Also, the administration console of Carto-SI gives the hand to the administrator to manage the tool in complete autonomy :

create backups of all the elements contained in Carto-SI.


Your data belongs to you!

This interface also makes it possible to manage user invitations and their profiles , tool settings (language, frequency of notifications, etc.), configuration of the connection to LDAP.

Everything so that you have control over your tool and your data


Take a walk in your IS

Thanks to Carto-SI’s smart filters , display the elements of your IS that interest you. no more no less.

To offer you a product that looks like you , you can carry out filters on all the metadata that you will have created, Configure them according to your representation of your IS.

Nothing could be simpler, the Expert is always you


Another vision of BPM

No more static and obsolete diagrams.
Master your business, master your IS.

Dependency relationship

Make the link between a task and the application that processes it.

Business impacted

Find out which part of the business is impacted when an application is unavailable.

Bring an answer

In just a few clicks, Carto-SI is able to provide you with a rapid response and visibility on what impacts your business.




Increase efficiency and performance by controlling the impact of your infrastructure on your applications and vice versa.

Manage your critical applications by providing them with an appropriate response in terms of infrastructure and thus control the expenses related to the materials used.

Identify the repercussions of a hardware failure on your applications and go back to the business layer at a glance
Mastery and savings will be part of your daily vocabulary

Rest assured, you now have a global vision of your IS.

Launch Carto-SI