Operational mapping vs Modeling


We therefore voluntarily abandoned all the concepts related to modeling to simplify the mapping process. Carto-SI is the perfect tool to implement the orientations defined in the master plan of your company,


Carto-SI is also a prerequisite for the realization of a master plan in order to start from a reliable base that will allow you to develop a better strategy. Eodem modo typi, which nunc nobis videntur parum clari, fiant sollemnes in futurum. Carto-SI will allow you to obtain a photo of your IS to then decide on the organizational choices to be put in place. Carto-SI is therefore a link between the theory and the operational reality of your IS.


We now know that knowledge of the IS is shared by several people in the company (project manager, MOA, MOE, project manager, operator.


In this state of mind, we believe that a mapping tool is intended to be shared between the different actors of the IS and to offer simple use to facilitate the dissemination of information in the organization.


Until then, mapping was only used and visible by experts, purists and initiates (Architects, Project Directors, Head of Service, etc.), we observe, as soon as a new population becomes a user with multiple skills.

Operational staff (business or functional project managers, infrastructure managers, DPOs, Business Analysts, etc.).

Operational staff (business or functional project managers, infrastructure managers,


DPO, Business Analysts, etc.) can now have a vision of the IS and the impacts between the different elements, simplified access to the flow of data and more generally to the information that they sorely lack and that they had to glean with the “knowing”.


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